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There for Me

F. P.

"There is absolutely no way I can express accurately how much I appreciate everything your team has done for me during this confusing and treacherous time. When I think about all the ways your office has helped me, my mind begins to race through so many moments where I seriously needed guidance or questions answered or confidence or security and every single time, you were there for me. Not only that, but you were the only reason I could take a moment and relax sometimes. As time went on, I realized I could sincerely count on you to manage the mess around me that I had no idea of how to handle.

I can get pretty emotional thinking about it. I know it's your career and it’s your area of expertise, but I could see that true care went into my case and my life. When somebody is injured and their whole world is thrown upside down, loss after loss, fear, anxiety, stress, confusion, pain, heartache, burdens, guilt, pressure, anger, depression, hopelessness, gah! The list can go on and change forever. It's not easy and it's lonely but you all were there for me. When it came time to fight, I felt more confidence than fear because of you and it returned sweet justice and victory. In the end, I felt vindicated and had the freedom to walk away from it all unscathed. There is absolutely no way that this positive outcome could have happened without you.

I thank you, my husband thanks you and my children thank you."

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Time, Effort & Hard Work

M. U.

"Dear Mr. Malhotra,

I am writing to thank you for all the time, effort and hard work you have put into my case. Throughout the entire process, you exhibited trustworthiness, kindness and attention to detail. The knowledge you shared and patience you used to answer any questions I had (regardless of how small) put me at ease right away. It was extremely reassuring to know that you were willing to put forth such a great deal of time into my situation and that you truly cared. It would be my absolute pleasure to provide my highest recommendation to yourself and your firm."

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Very Helpful

K. B.

"On June 1st, 2002, I was injured in a car accident. Close to this time frame, I was injured in two slip and fall incidents.

Initially, I was not sure as to whether to pursue the motor vehicle case, but then eventually retained Mr. Malhotra's services. He was able to obtain appropriate medical reports to document my accident related injuries and was able to resolve my case within 1 ½ years for a substantial amount. I know some other people who have been injured in an accident and know about their settlements. I have no hesitation to say that Mr. Malhotra was able to obtain a very good settlement for me.

Mr. Malhotra's staff was also very helpful to me every time I called his office. I will certainly recommend his services to others."

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Large Settlement

W. M.

"I was involved in a car accident in November 2000 and retained Karn Malhotra's services. Initially, it was difficult to diagnose my injuries, and Mr. Malhotra was able to arrange EMG testing, psychological assessment, neurological assessment, physiatry assessment, as well as with a specialist in chronic pain. My insurance company sent me to their doctors, who said that I could return to work, and accordingly reduced my benefits. However, through Mr. Malhotra's efforts, I was again reinstated on my weekly benefits, which the insurer continued to pay until my settlement recently.

Throughout the process, Mr. Malhotra met me regularly and kept me updated, and consulted with me and my husband before negotiating and making any decisions on my behalf.

At the end, he was able to obtain a settlement for me which was more than I had anticipated. It will help me to buy a house and move on with my life.

I will certainly recommend him to all my friends and relatives."

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Put My Mind at Ease

N. D.

"When I was involved in the motor vehicle accident last December, it was a very scary and upsetting time for me. I wasn't sure really what to do. You were very straightforward, honest, understanding and very helpful, and you put my mind at ease.

After an accident you really are putting all your efforts into getting physically well, and it was nice to know that while I was doing that your team was working on my behalf and taking care of many details that I was unable to handle myself during that time.

The support that I received from yourself and your team was exceptional. You supported me with many different aspects of my recovery.

I am so pleased with the service and the outcome of this unfortunate situation, and I would highly recommend you and your firm."

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Excellent Job

S. C.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for the way you handled my case for the last two years. You have done an excellent job. I feel that you did everything possible and understood my situation. I am extremely satisfied with all the effort you put in, and very much pleased for the kindness and care that you and your associates have provided for me. I appreciate all your patience that your associates have shown for the countless phone calls I have made and for taking the time to reply back to all the messages as quickly as possible. Everything about your office is completely competent and professional – if I ever needed a lawyer for any reason, you would be my first choice. It would be my pleasure to give my highest recommendation to yourself and your firm."

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Took Care of Everything

T. E.

"Thank you very much, especially to attorney Karn Malhotra, for all that you have done for me. I did not know what I was going to do when I got into the accident. But when I came across your law firm in a newspaper and contacted you, you assured me that everything would be taken care of.

I have recommended your firm to several of my friends and will continue to do so in the future. Again, thank you for your time and hard work!"

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Kind & Patient


"A very kind man that patiently listens until he understands all the facts. He works hard on your case to achieve the best results for his client. I was extremely pleased with his service and respectful manner. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Mr. Malhotra, for everything."

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Excellent Lawyer


"Mr. Malhotra was recommended to me after I was injured in a motor vehicle accident. Initially, I was very hesitant to see a lawyer, but when I met Mr. Malhotra I found him to be very knowledgeable and informative in the way he explained all the details. He and his staff kept in touch with me throughout the process and persistently worked on my behalf. My case was settled out of court in less than two years. I am pleased with the outcome. He is an excellent lawyer and I highly recommend Mr. Malhotra and his staff."

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